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INDONESIAN IDOL My first Indonesian Idol

Joy won. She deserved it. Delon didn’t, but if he won, he deserved it too. Joy and Delon gave “The Prayer” a full blow. If anyone should speak falsely about Delon after that night, may he speak up now or forever hold his peace. Mas Wisa, perhaps? Hehehe… But I do think that he matched Joy in every possible way in that particlular song. Furthermore, I’d like to say, repeating the words of Randy “the wise guy” Jackson commenting on Tamyra Grey’s performance in “A Fool in Love”, “Delon, you are acting, singing, dressing exactly what I think an American Idol is all about.”

In deed Delon did, unlike Joy, oh poor Joy who dressed like, well you’d better read Miund's entry on that subject for she has discussed quite a length on how Joy badly needed a 911 fashion emergency. She did look like “mak-mak mo kondangan di Rt 05/Rw 03 Jalannya, Jalan Cinta, Jurusan Kota Intan” (lyrics were, of course, repeated without any permission from Cici Faramida or whoever wrote the song).

Nania opened the result and reunion show with a national song, which I never quite comprehend the reason why. It was as if I attended my undergraduate inauguration I refused to attend many many years ago. Nania started of quite nicely but then failed to impress me for she, again, sang only with her technic and power, and not with her heart. And at the end of “Indonesia Pusaka”, she screamed her lungs out and hurt my ears.

Nania, Nania, did you know that the song was about longing for our motherland? Was this your idea about longing? Were you always screaming when you were longing for someone? If yes, I think we had serious different ideas on how to express our longing. Why don’t you go to attend University of Indonesia’s inauguration and listened to Mbak Aning Katamsi sang. But oops, she didn’t sing in inaugurations anymore ya.

The Indodol girls sang badly too, especially in “Ratu Sejagat”, they collectively forgot the lyrics. Plus, the blocking was awful and so were other songs. Suci and Karen seemed like they were about to crash on one another as for Winda and Nania, well they were better. I didn’t say their blocking was good, but at least better.

And to frustrate me further, the Indodol guys, in particular Michael and Andhika, sang and danced like they were forced and dragged to the stage. Guys, I know you were much much more masculine than sweet-cutie-pie-looking Bona, or that hmmm… well not so cute Lucky, but once you were a part of a group, act like one! Be prepared ya and learn the moves! And be professional getoh lho!

The commercial break, I could imagine, was too long and boring. Thanks God I was entertained by the dynamic duo Indra Bekti and Okky Lukman. They were FUNNY! My deepest condolences to all the tv viewers for watching never-ending parade of commercials, which according to Kompas, took a third of the show time. Gosh, I really have to thank Mbak Rika, Gus, for not going so I could fortunately got the ticket.

Now, let’s gossip about the judges. The judges, well, gave boring and uninspiring speeches. Mukas went further by giving the most irritating speech I heard so far. As if she wanted to cleanse all annoying comments she made during the show. Why did you have to do that? You were annoying from the beginning, but sometimes you did make good judgment. Sutra lah, why did you have to apologize so dramatically? That sort of attitude belongs to AFI ya, in case you forgot, read my previous entry deh (like, when would Mukas ever read my blog:P?!). You lost my respect once you began defending yourself unnecessarily. Your comments were part of the show, you entertained people with your harsh comments. Apologize a bit, and that’s it. Don’t over do it. If you still want it, do that in private lah. It was more elegant.

Now, I wanted to dedicate the following paragraphs to talk about someone who, in my humble opinion, was robbed.

Winda, o Winda, I never saw you performed in the first two Spectacular shows, I was so sorry I failed to pay any attention. My defense: I wasn’t infected by the Indodol virus at that time. I already love your voice singing “Dalam Cita dan Cinta” in the CD. But watching you tonight, I would have to say that your riddance was THE MOST RIDICULOUS choice ever made in the short history of Indonesian Idol. Not Lucky’s, not Nania’s, but your riddance. How could people think that Karen, Bona, Michael, Helena, and yes, Delon were better than you? Or even had more star-quality than, say, the stunning Helena?

Noone, among them Idol finalists, looked more at ease performing than Winda that night. She moved onstage so effortlessly and confidently as if the stage was her backyard. She played with her song and the melody masterfully. Only Joy’s near-narcissism-confident could match Winda’s eclectic performance.

And that voice, o that voice, the power, the colour, I love it more even than Joy’s or Nania’s or Lucky’s. So how could, how ever could, she was voted off so early in the competition? I was speechless.

Winda should be the first Indodol!

I demanded a rematch!

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9:05 PM

aduh setubuh sekaliiiii....waktu dulu masih di indo, gw nonton pas winda di kick off dari indodol dan gw gondok setengah matii...and then berangsur benci setengah mati ama delon...hihihihi gw termasuk penonton yang emotional...suka terbawa..hahaha ^_^    

9:22 AM

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