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Weekend recap

20.30 Hijacked by Eric to stay over at his place. Diner @temuku first.
23.30 Eric's boarding room, Lippo Karawaci. Supposed to work on the editing of the translation, but too tired to make much progress. I haven't had enough sleep for the past week but Eric's loud snore kept me awake, damn!

03.00 Finally, my eyes shut off. The bed is as hard as wood.
07.00 Woke up. My body ached. How could Eric sleep in this wood for a year? It's 'curhat' time, Eric poured his heart out.
10.30 Leaving on a shuttle bus.
11.30 Got to boarding room at almost
midday. Try to work a bit. Little progress.
15.30 Went to Mayestik accompanied by Dedek A to buy brocade material for 'kebaya' - yes, kebaya, you read it right
- for a wedding gift.
17.45 Went to Djakarta Theater to buy tickets for the
10pm "Spidey 2".
18.15 Off to Starbucks at
Setia Budi Building to meet Isna and her fiancee, Roman and gave the gift. Thanks God she liked the off white French brocade I bought her.
19.15 Back in boarding room -- watched 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire', an old internet friend was on the hot seat.
19.45 Dedek A and Z came. Gotta take a bath.
20.30 McCafe, Miko's been waiting. 15 minutes later Iwan came.
21.15 Pram showed up.
21.25 Spidey 2. Cool movie!
23.30 Late supper @Hot Planet

02.00 Home. Dreamland.
09.00 Wake up. Someone turned the air conditioner off! Babe, I supposed. Got up and arranged the day.
10.00 My young cousins came. 11 and 9 yo.
11.00 My four nephews came. Miss them.
11.30 Off to Plaza Semanggi to see 'Shrek 2'.
12.00 Oh, the line, thanks God, people are watching Harry Potter. My brother and his daughter showed up.
12.30 Lunch @Hoka-hoka Bento with seven noisy kids. My youngest baby nephew cried when I hold him. My sister said, "You gotta come and hold him often if you want him to get to know you." Gosh, I'm a pariah, turned down by my own nephew as if he can sense that I'm not a kid-person. But I love you, nephew!
13.45 Shrek's a delight. My 3 yo niece went out during mid-show. My brother took her out.
15.30 Plangi playground. Fay is soooo funny and naughty, I think he's the naughtiest-funniest-most-adorable little boy I know (well, I consider other kids except my nephews and niece just plain naughty and annoying, huehue .... Talk about a lack of fatherhood.)
18.00 Home, at last. I need adult conversation! No baby talk please!
Ratu Plaza, met Dedek A, shopped some DVDs and toiletteries @Carre4. Eric was upset I didn't go out with him!
21.00 Diner with Rinto and Iwan @Chandra, Chinese Restaurant in Karbela. Messaging with Yudi and Ewin.
21.30 Hijacked by Yudi and Ewin. Went to boarding room first. Then off to McD. Gosh, I soooo need another 24 hours place around Thamrin. Been to Starbucks, McCafe and Hot Planet wayyyy too many times. Pram and Iwan joined shortly.

02.00 Home. My Dad, brother, nephew and cousin were all up to see the final. I chose sleeping of course.
07.00 Woke up. Tried to work.
08.00 Still trying.
12.00 Trying some more.
14.00 Went back to boarding room.
17.00 Tried again.
21.00 I was still persistent.
24.00 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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