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Who? Me?

When I first wrote this blog, I never intend it to be read by people I don’t know about. It’s strictly for friends. I don’t think that what goes on in my life will be of any interest to others than my own friends. So, I made a fuss to those worthy of the address to keep it for themselves.

But how can I even think of keeping it to shorlisted people? Silly me, I missed the bigger picture: my blog is in the internet. Somehow, as I mingle in the tangle of the web jungle, people eventually bumped into this absurd journal. And, these people who need people, hence the luckiest people, started asking people frequent asked questions you’d ask to new acquaintance. Old friends need not ask such question, they know me already, but you dear new friends, you ask about my job, my look, my age, my interests, and blablabla.

In short, you wonder, “Who is the bloke behind the blog?”

Ok, I’m not going to beat around the bush: here’s a bit about me. I’m a confirmed-thirty-something-single-guy who lives in a boarding room somewhere in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Jakarta (I keep changing places for I’m still under ‘witness protection’, *wink*). I’m currently slaving in a supporting office for our government as a publication officer.

I like these things, among others: a cup of coffee, non-sense conversation with old friends over a cup of coffee, a good laugh or cry after watching a movie while drinking coffee, listening to music or reading a book accompanied by a cup of coffee, cardio work out, the face of my nephew running to me asking me to carry him, doing nothing on a Saturday after working like mad the whole week, cuddling with dear ones (my nephew is the best cuddling object ever), and have I mentioned ... errr, coffee?

Now, I’m not going to talk about my personality, so don’t bother asking me those questions. I find it a bit pretentious. You should be able to learn about that if you read my blog and make your own deduction of who I am. You’ll learn, in time, that I can be happy, annoyed, sad, joy, mad, in love, broken hearted, and zillion sorts of feelings I might not yet experience. Just like everyone else.

A word of advice, beware of what I might write for it might get a bit vicious at times, depend on my mood. Hey, it’s my journal, I’m entitled to be in whatever mood I’d be.

So, buckle up, read on.

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